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Courses at the School of Translation, Interpreting and Languages at Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan, Poland

The School of Translation, Interpreting and Languages, Adam Mickiewicz University (AMU STIL) offers post-graduate courses in translation and interpreting in two language combinations: Polish-English and Polish-German.

Our courses start at the beginning of October and last 4 semesters, i.e. two academic years.

Subjects taught to first-year students include: translation methods and techniques, public speaking and fundamentals of translation theory which constitutes less than 4 % of all contact hours.

Based on the results of the final first-year exams as well as yearlong observations of students' work and their predispositions, students are invited to start a specialized course either in translation or interpreting.

Subjects taught to second-year students within the translation specializationinclude: technical translation and liaison interpreting. Second-year students specializing in conference interpreting study: consecutive and simultaneous interpreting as well as general non-technical translation.

Obligatory language B classes, i.e. English in the Polish-English program and German in the Polish-German program are available for those students who need to further develop their B language skills.

Before selecting your school …

Before selecting your university school it is important to become familiar with the teaching staff, consider the total number of teaching hours as well as to check the cost of one hour of instruction. Contrary to many other university schools AMU STIL staff is composed of only active, experienced, professional translators and interpreters, rather than language teachers who only occasionally act as unskilled and inexperienced translators or interpreters. Our four-semester study program covers almost 800 teaching hours. The cost of one hour of instruction is EUR 3.50.

It is not easy and simple to select a school of translation and interpreting. Investment in oneself is only beneficial when it is purpose driven, therefore it is recommended to make an informed and responsible decision.  Be professional and let professionals introduce you to the exciting world of translation and interpreting.

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